Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? We got the answers, please see below a list of our frequently asked questions to assist you.
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  • Can I upload my portfolio?

    Yes! All suppliers have a dedicated page that can be found through the supplier’s directory. You can add all your information, including images, case studies and any supporting brochures.

  • Will we be automatically linked to venues where we are accredited?

    Once you are listed with Venuebility, if you are accredited to a venue, they can invite you to their page via their ‘invite venues’ icon. You can also include your invite venue partners to register and showcase on your profile page.

  • Can I review and assess enquiries?

    Yes, all suppliers have the option to review enquiries. You will receive an email alert from us to visit your dashboard and contact clients by message to find out more. You can then send your usual proposal template and inform us of all events that are confirmed. You can decline any enquiries with the reject icon from your dashboard.

  • What is the Venuebility calculator?

    This is a unique function which gives a price for the venue and guidelines costs for catering, production, flowers and entertainment for your event.

  • Who controls the guideline costings for the calculator?

    This will be populated by Venuebility with market value costings for each category.

  • What if my costings are very different to the Venuebility calculator prices?

    The prices are only a guideline for event planners to budget. You will provide bespoke pricing following communication to establish the exact requirements.

  • I'm an independent supplier with no partnerships with venues - can I list my services?

    Of course. You will appear in the supplier directory as well as having your own dedicated supplier page.

  • Does it cost anything to list my business?

    There is a small commission payable for events introduced and confirmed by the Venuebility platform. For details of the fee structure please visit the policies and suppliers T&C’s section of the website.

  • How can I increase my visibility in the supplier’s directory?

    You can consider an upgrade to a subscription for Gold or Platinum features to enhance your profile.

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